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Our attorneys, Brian C. Dowling and Brian D. Tadros have extensive, specialized experience in the practice of workers' compensation litigation. That experience includes not only trial work, but also informal dispute resolution, advice and counseling to individuals, employers and insurance companies, and speaking engagements in the industry. Attorney Brian C. Dowling is Board Certified in Florida Workers' Compensation Law and has been recognized for meeting the highest standards of evaluation for competency and experience by the Florida Bar. Only 7 percent of eligible Bar members are certified for expertise in their field of law and allowed to identify themselves as Specialists or Experts.

Whether you need an expert in support of your claim for attorney's fees and costs at the trial or appellate levels, or expert testimony as to industry best practices, The Workers' Compensation Trial Group can help.

Our services include:

  • Expert testimony in support of claims for attorney's fees and costs in litigation
  • Preparation of expert reports and analysis for use in discovery or trial
  • Trial and deposition testimony (by attorneys who are, themselves, well-experienced at taking depositions and trying cases)
  • Expert consulting services in management of complex workers' compensation cases, including pre-1994 cases
  • Review and analysis of complex medical issues/case histories in a workers' compensation context

We offer extremely quick turnaround, putting the necessary information in your hands as rapidly as possible for use in your case. Retaining the right expert is one of the most important decisions you can make in the course of your litigation, and can literally make or break your case. Our custom-tailored services can give you the support you need.

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