Construction Accidents

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Florida has one of the highest records of on-the-job accidents, according to reports by the Federal Bureau of Labor. These work injuries result from any number of accidents, but most especially in construction accidents that use heavy equipment and machinery.

You have rights under the law if you are injured while working for an employer in Florida and may be entitled to receive workers' compensation. At The Workers' Compensation Trial Group, P.A., we provide our clients a combination of passion and professionalism in every aspect of our job. We can negotiate with insurance companies to help you find appropriate recovery.

What Type of Compensation Is Available to Me?

After you have been injured on your employer's site, you must notify the company within 30 days that you were hurt. This ensures that your eligibility to file a workers' comp claim remains intact. Next, the employer should forward your claim to their insurer, which should then begin the payout of benefits.

Your compensation claim may cover the following:

  • Medical bills and treatment
  • Partial or total disability
  • A portion of income lost due to inability to work
  • Death benefits for relatives killed on-the-job

You can also file a third-party claim to recover for additional expenses, which may include pain and suffering and any other lost future earnings. It is not uncommon for individuals to also file a lawsuit against the employers, construction site managers, and even the manufacturers of defective equipment. This may be necessary in cases where you need additional compensation, especially if you have sustained severe injuries from the incident.

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